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My name is Annisa Avianti. My family usually called me Via or Pia. And everybody else called me Nisa. Well, you can called me with both of them, but I feel strange if anybody else beside my family called me Via, so just called me Nisa. 🙂

I love all colors, but bright color the most, and I like pink the most. I like salty food and sour orange. I can’t stand spicy food but I do like them. My favorite Indonesian foods are baso and beef or chicken satay. They are delicious especially when you put a lot sambal in them.

I’m a game maniac. When I play a game I can’t stop playing it until I realize how long that I’ve been trapped in it. No matter how suck the game is, I can’t stop until I win, and win, and win, and win again. Among all type of game, I love RPG the most. And laptop is such a cool innovation because we can play any game from PS, SEGA, etc in it. 🙂

I love all type of music, but right now I love country music the most. My favorite country singer is Taylor Swift. Her songs seems like was made for me. Almost all of her songs related to me (well, I think it’s related to everyone), because the way she wrote a song inspired by her experiences in life. Another favorite country musician is Gloriana and Lady Antebellum (they both are country band). I also crazy with songs which written by Diana Lauren (her songs sang by so many singers such as Stacie Orrico, Celine Dion, etc) because her songs very sweet and romantic. I also love Mike Shinoda, he’s cool, genius and very talented.  🙂

I always hope that I can play violin and piano someday (because the mix of both of them can make a nice melody); even if it’s impossible I hope my kids can play them. J. Well, at least I can play flute, pianika, and a little keyboard.

Just like any ordinary girls, I love flowers and chocolate. And unlike other ordinary girls, I dislike dolls, in any shape. Well, I like to touch it but hate to owe it. When I was young I usually had a dream that dolls can live and ask for our live. It was stupid but still I dislike it.

I do love hanging around with my friends, but I love being alone too. Going shopping alone, walking alone, studying alone, etc. In my aloneness, I can figure out anything that I need better than when I am with somebody.

I hate cheaters and liars. And also hate people who think that they are the most knowledgeable person in the world and trying to control me to do that, to do this, saying that, saying this, because they think that their way of life is the best than anybody else. That’s suck! And also I really dislike being with an over-talking person. I will totally get bored listening to this type of person and rudely want to feed their mouth with chilli. 😛

Love to me is just a word to interpretation the feeling of “something”, and the real action of love is through marriage. We can fall in love with so many people, but only to one person we can realizationing the form of our love. I started fall in love with a boy when I was in kindergarten, and until now I have fallen in love with some guys. But still couldn’t find the right one to give my eternal love to.

Sometimes I imagine my live as fairytale. Prince charming will come to pick the princess, and they marry and live happily forever and always. But then I realize that it’s suck. Our live will never ending such as fairy tale. There so much sadness, misery, hatred, etc. People die, people born. The leaves’ falling, and flower start blooming. But still, it’s enjoying to have such imaginary. 🙂

I have a lot of dreams and ambitions. I hope someday I can reach Mecca to do hajj, I hope I can visit Taj Mahal in India to see the form of Shah Jehan’s love. I also wish that I can go to Turkey to visit the Aya Sophia, and have a trip around Europe and Japan. I wish that I can get the Mr. Right to marry with and have 2 kids from him, and live happily until death. And the most important thing is to make two people who I love the most (mom and dad) proud and live happily.

Well, I think that’s all enough for an intro. Enjoy read this blog!


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@YM: roscow.massqieu@yahoo.com


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